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Transitional Kindergarten

California’s goal is to serve more children ages 3-to 4-years-old, statewide, in high-quality preschool programs. California intends to meet this goal through the implementation of universally available TK, as well as investments in other state-funded programs, such as funding to expand the CSPP and other state-subsidized programs that offer a preschool learning experience.

Who is the TK program for?

Blue Ridge Academy offers Transitional Kindergarten for students who do not meet the age requirements for Kindergarten.

  • The age at which children are eligible for TK changes from 2022–23 to 2025–26.
    • In the 2022–23 school year, children who will turn five years old between September 2 and February 2* are eligible for TK.
    • In the 2023–24 school year, children who will turn five years old between September 2 and April 2* are eligible for TK.
    • In the 2024–25 school year, children who turn five years old between September 2 and June 2* are eligible for TK.
    • In the 2025–26 school year, and in each school year thereafter, children who will turn four years old by September 1* are eligible for TK.

Do I have to enroll my child in Transitional Kindergarten (TK)?

TK is entirely voluntary, and parents can choose to have their child participate or not. It does not impact their eligibility for Kindergarten or their enrollment at Blue Ridge Academy.

Why choose TK?

Transitional Kindergarten is meant to serve as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, to provide students with time to develop fundamental skills needed for success in school in a setting that is appropriate to the student's age and development. Whether your child would benefit from TK is your individual decision, and Blue Ridge Academy supports families whether they choose this option or not.

If my child is age-eligible for Kindergarten, can I enroll them in TK instead?

Children who are age-eligible to attend kindergarten, but choose to enroll in TK will need a signed Kindergarten Continuance Form verifying that the parent/guardian agrees to have his/her child continue in kindergarten for one additional year. Please note this is only for students who have not been previously enrolled in Kindergarten at another public or private school.

Parent Resources

As you navigate this journey, here are a few great resources for parents to begin the Transitional Kindergarten program with your child.

TK/Early Childhood Education Resources for Parents:

TK Resource Library for Parents: